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Colonic heath professional Marie PenceInternal Cleansing is as important and as much a function
as the food we eat and what our bodies take in.

: CLEANSING the colon is a vital part of having vibrant health in today’s world!  It is a known fact, that before the pharmaceuticals took over the medical system, there is documentation that every hospital room contained an enema or colonic-type apparatus. Everyone seems to remember their Grandmother giving them enemas..or encouraging that part of the body to be cleaned out. Colon hydrotherapy USED to be the very first thing that any doctor or nurse would do to help someone reverse any type of illness…because they well knew and understood the effectiveness and power of colon cleansing.

I have done close to 70,000 colonic treatments and I have witnessed, first hand, many incredible ‘healings‘.. simply from cleaning out the accumulated debris that resides in the intestines.  Cleaning the colon is, also, not only beneficial for possible instantaneous healing… but… when combined with an improved diet, colon cleansing can be extremely beneficial of the potential reversal of more serious illnesses over time.  I was on staff at the original Hippocrates Health Institute for several years and witnessed the high success rates that these ‘healing institutes’ have.  This is because they are utilizing the effective healing combination of an improved diet, cleansing the colon on a periodic basis and, most importantly, drinking organic, fresh, green vegetable juices.  I always recommend a juicer and a colon cleanse as part of a healthy protocol towards having more vibrant health.  There is no education about the toxicity that we carry around in our bodies.  Many have no idea that their energy is low or their elimination poor… simply because of the back-up that the colon is able to carry.
It is estimated that every foot of colon is able to store up to 10 pounds of fecal matter!

COLONICS are simple… easy and, believe it or not… fun!  If you’ve had a massage, then a colonic will be a piece of ‘cake’ for you!  Clothes are kept on … there is NO odor or discomfort… warm towels ensure modesty and comfort. A good colonic irrigation cleanses the impacted and putrefied matter having a solvent and antiseptic effect, immediately increasing our immune function (85% of our immune tissue resides in our intestines!) — I believe our bowel to be the most misunderstood and ignored part of our body.

The benefits simply change people’s lives!

Eyes become bright, sparkling and clear!  Skin becomes radiant!  Most importantly, one’s health becomes renewed and vibrant energy is easily restored.

I promote only what I live and because of this I have recipes and lifestyle tips that will bring deliciousness and vitality to your daily life.

I can be reached at 206.660.9300 daily.

Certified Colon Hydro therapist
35 Year’s Experience


Rave Review!

“I have cancer…chemotherapy treatments are not fun — during and, especially, after.  For days and days after, I felt so sick and nauseous,,, wiped out..not to mention my bowels… the runs… diarrhea… always upset.  I couldn’t eat… and I truly felt hopelessness and depression (hard not to when losing all your hair)

With permission from my Oncologist, I began colon therapy with Marie.  She does a very gentle Gravity technique (most use pressurized machines)…

My nausea totally disappeared even while on her table and during my first treatment. I felt more energy…hopeful…and continued with treatments allowing the toxins produced from the chemotherapy to leave my body.

Please don’t wait until you have cancer to begin colonic treatments.

Thank you…thank you…thank you, Marie”

                                                                                   — Lesley H

Rave Review!

I have always been constipated..probably my entire life (I am now 47 years old) I learned from Marie that constipation is not what we think….people think it means that they do not have a bowel movement… Constipation means hard, impacted matter in the bowel…we have all eaten many foods that are cooked and processed.. meats, dairy, bread, and pasta .. My doctor, actually, told me it was ‘normal’ to only go to the bathroom every 4 – 5 days!  I felt sluggish and tired all the time…and eating all the fiber he recommended only made it worse.  I began a series of colonics (12 – 15)..and for the FIRST time in my life… now have easy, effortless bowel movements.  I had several other health issues… and, to my surprise, they have gone away as well…(85% of our immune tissue resides in our gut…

says Marie!)  Backaches…goodbye!  It’s not rocket science to know that our sewer systems get backed up….and I wish everyone I know and love would get colonic treatments.

                                            —————   Debbie M

Rave Review!

I’ve been sending my patients to Marie Pence for colon hydrotherapy for 10 years.  Marie has over 30 years of experience and it shows.  She uses the GRAVITY method of irrigation which is much more gentle, and in my opinion, effective than the using colonic machines.  Marie also uses abdominal massage and pressure points during the treatment to help guide the body’s elimination and detoxification processes.  I really value having Marie as a part of my healthcare team.

Holly Christy, N.D., L.Ac.

Naturopathic Physician  & Acupuncturist

Rave Reviews!

Marie is The Best, hands down!   She is vibrantly healthy herself, compassionate, full of positive energy, and truly cares about your health as an individual.Her knowledge is endless.  She learned from the greatest health legends, continues to search for new information, and loves sharing –  including rapidly advancing health insights. You will immediately feel comfortable the moment you meet her – she is personable, easy-going and fun; providing a warm, inviting environment for her clients.  There is no better place to start improving your health than with Marie!


Rave Reviews!

I had been getting colonics for several years in California before moving to Bainbridge Island. My first experiences in California were nothing short of torture. Uneducated practitioners and brutal wall mounted machines! When I moved to the island, I never thought I’d find a local colon hydro-therapist. In what ended up being a gorgeous piece of serendipity, I stumbled upon Marie Pence. Marie has been in her industry for the better part of my lifetime (over 30 years!) and is a true wealth of information. Her techniques and experience are unparalleled. The experience is comfortable, safe and comprehensive.  My initial reason to seek out a colon hydro-therapist was to cleanse heavy metals, I have since incorporated the practice as general health maintenance. The next time you need a colonic (& make no mistake, you do need one). choose Marie Pence. You’ll be a happy (& healthy) camper!


Rave Reviews!


 Hi Marie,
One of my New Year’s  resolutions is to write you a letter, thanking you for giving me back my life. My digestive system has always been a thorn in my side until I met you 15 years ago I was in pain and always
uncertain what was going to happen next. Crohn’s Disease is a bear.Coming to you all of these years truly has been an Angelic relief.I could never really plan to do anything nor could I get any relief from
all of the 7 different doctors that tried to diagnose my symptoms. Coming to you for colonics and learning so much from you is what has saved me and I thank you so much for all of your understanding, patience and emergency appointments.
Every person on this earth would benefit from your colonics – they are
the best…

SO Sincerely,

Rave Reviews!

I have a “RAVE” today for my good friend Marie Pence. She has been my
colon-therapist for years and she truly has a gift. I promote only
what I live and what has been a benefit to my health. She has been
doing this for over 30 years and pours her heart and soul into the
health of every client. I have incorporated this practice as part of
my healthcare maintenance.


Rave Reviews!

I’ve been a huge fan of colonics for the past 6 years now, and have come to swear by them! I know that they play an important part in my health, and my not having been sick once in the last 6 years. I have had colonics all over the world, both open and closed systems, and by a bunch of different therapists. Marie is THE BEST and I have recommended her to all my friends. I am a raving fan, as she really takes care of her clients, with their health as her #1 priority!! If health is your priority, then you have got to go have a session with her!!

love ya xoxo

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