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Detox While you Dream!

We are swimming DAILY in a sea of heavy metals toxins. From mercury-contaminated fish to cadmium spewing from car exhaust, we are awash in a flood of heavy metal pollution and it is getting worse and worse as time goes by. Heavy metals, literally, fall out of the sky DAILY as over 5,000 jet aircraft pass over the U.S. on any given day.

IV chelation (involving TIME driving to and from Dr.’s office is expensive and time-consuming. One has to sit for several hours with an IV.. 30 sessions being the norm with each session costing $250- $300!) Add that up and it gets very expensive. Also, research has shown that these plasticizers (used in IV bags – in the old days, glass bottles were used) accumulate in the blood- stream and end up contaminating the rest of the body. Oral chelation does not work as the stomach acid in our systems eats it up so only a very small fraction of an oral EDTA (chelating) dose is absorbed – compared to 100% absorption Chelation suppositories.

These suppositories are taken at night right before one retires for the evening. This allows less metabolic competition for the EDTA (chelating agent) because the body is at rest while it works. The EDTA (chelating agent in chelating agent) is introduced gently through the circulatory and lymphatic systems in this way. Nothing has to be filtered through the liver and other internal organs (like with IV chelation) nor does one have to drive to a place and sit for countless hours.

Also, metal toxicity can make us fat! Metals are stored in our subcutaneous fat — the more metals we accumulate over the years. Perhaps, the biggest reason why so many cannot lose weight…

"Heavy metals are a HUGE problem now. Mercury is the number one toxin in the body and is in THOUSANDS and thousands of things. China burns coal and mercury is the by-product of that. Tradewinds blow it over, resulting in elevated mercury levels in the air, particularly, over the west coast." Dr. Michael Galitzer, MD

Please call for a short phone consultation if you would care to order these chelation suppositories. The protocol is THREE cannisters…each cannister lasting two months…total detox time is six months.

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More valuable information:

These suppositories are easy to use…and SUPER inexpensive compared with IV chelation which takes many hours of sitting with a toxic IV in your arm.. let alone, having 30 treatments at $250-$300 each! Many ND’s and MD’s are decades behind re chelation…

These suppositories are the same thing used in IV chelation (EDTA)– and it works at removing harmful heavy metal accumulation. It has been proben to clean out the arteries in our hearts as well…so much so that doctors at Columbia University are now chelating people for the sole purpose of clearing arterial plaque!

Chelation suppositories are safe, very gentle and effective ..much more so than IV chelation. The suppositories are very they are taken at night when detoxification levels work their best. This powerful and supreme chelating substance has the most comprehensive ability to remove all varieties of heavy metals. Detoxamin should be used on an ongoing basis because exposure to heavy metals never stop.

This EDTA from the suppositories is much more gentle and moves slower through the it remains longer in the body without harming the kidneys and liver…this allows the EDTA more time to chelate and makes it a lot SAFER for the body….it is easily and gently received into the bloodstream.

A physician I know said she has seen all the research on this product and that it’s efficacy is validated through thousands of clinical trial and numerous studies and it proves that EDTA suppositories remove a broad spectrum of heavy metals from human tissues.

Iv chelation’s ‘half-life’ of EDTA IV chelation is 1.5 hours while Detoxamin’s suppository has a half-life of more than 8 hours! This makes Detoxamin gentle, safe and efffective over a much longer period of time. It is readily absorbed by the colon because it works like this: inserted into the rectum…which has a more neutral PH and is not as acidic as the stomach…the EDTA then passes through intact — allowing for an extremely high EDTA absorption. This is why physicians like this product….it’s called..’bioavailability’ which ensures that it is picked up in the blood and tissues.

Heavy metals cause a domino effect..a chain reaction of metabolic events that occur…when in the presence of a heavy metal (and we are all full of them!) Internal free radicals from heavy metals damage the cell’s ability to excrete wastes…and the cell can literally die in its own wastes. When our cells die….it adds to the mix of free radicals…which cause cancer and many other diseases, as poisoning of our cells and destruction of its life forces are the genesis of disease…and since cells make up our tissues…tissues make up organs and organs comprise our body systems…it makes sense to start with the pathway to the cell.

I love this product….health is about …remove! Repair! Revitalize!

Love, health…service!

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