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Coffee Enema: a Unique, Very Powerful Detoxification Method

COFFEE ENEMAS: OK..this word seems to have the oddest effect on people!  ENEMA!  For some reason, not too many are comfortable hearing this word or acknowledging that this part of the body exists.  I should probably, in this case, use the word, ‘implant’…as the most important piece of the coffee ‘enema’ is holding the coffee for 15 minutes.  Why would someone implant coffee up into their rectums?  Why not just drink it instead:  

Here’s why:  In the words of Dr. Nicholas Gonzales (whom I consider to the THE most prominent and respected Oncologist in the United States)..

"When you drink coffee, it actually turns on the sympathetic nervous system.

 When the sympathetic nervous system turns on, it shuts the LIVER down.  When you take coffee rectally (and I use a very GREEN, un roasted coffee, specifically, used only for coffee implants), as an enema (implant) it stimulates certain nerves that are only in the lower bowel that then turn on the parasympathetic nervous system, which through a reflex causes the liver to release all its toxins.  When you drink coffee, it shuts the liver down temporarily, but when you take it as an enema, it turns on the liver and increases its efficiency.  When the liver works better..everything works better.  So drinking it and taking it rectally work completely different physiologically."  It is further estimated that the average person’s liver in today’s world is having to process over 400 chemicals and pesticides on a daily basis.  Furthermore, all of our blood passes through our livers every three minutes, so by holding the coffee for 15 minutes, the blood is being cleansed a dialysis of the blood. Dr. Max Gerson began using coffee enemas on his terminally-ill patients and had a very high success rate of curing them, along with the use of daily green juices and a very low sodium diet.  

How much water is enough water for daily intake?
Take your body weight and divide it by two..(for your two kidneys).
The result is your required ounces of daily water intake.

daily water intake

Make sure you are the joy you hope to find in the world.

Take time to do something you love every day.
Here’s the deal: it took me until in my fifties to get this. I am a total GIVER and I have always given to both my kids (now grown) and my many clients. I now appreciate giving back to myself and I find myself more recharged than ever! Powerful stuff! Everyone who knows me knows how much I love creating beautiful, healthy food. They also kMarie Pence Colonic Health Seattlenow how much I love my sunny, fabulous deck and the beauty I love to create out there with all my flowers. Beauty, in all it’s forms simply feeds our hearts and souls. Find it in everything and everyone if you can. I work on this every single day, cultivating an enormous reverence for life. GRATITUDE goes such a long way!


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